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»Nackter Tango« (»Naked Tango«), the 12th edition, takes place on

14th + 15th April 2023.

The binding registration for the festivalito »Nackter Tango« starts on Sunday, 19th March 2017, 8pm MET

The ticket price will be 70 € per person per milonga

»Nackter Tango« 2018 was sold out after less than 1 hour!

Due to this we're organising again a »Nackter Tango«-Festivalito:
Friday & saturday night and workshops, live music and DJs. The two nights will be different in music and show-acts

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Maximum number of payed entry fees per friday: 99 (50% milonguero+nuevo+fusion+non+electro+... live & DJane)
Maximum number of payed entry fees per saturday: 111 (nearly 100% milonguero, live & DJ)